The Working Group

Since the fall of 2009 we have been working towards creating space for organizers, activists, community front line workers, academics and interested folks to meet, discuss, and work towards sustainable anti-poverty activism in Kingston. In response to this, a group of people came together to start-up a working group that will meet prior to and during the conference in October. The aims of this group are to foster discussion about practical ways to improve the flow of information, communication, and cooperation among interested parties in the community. Possibilities include building a Web portal for Kingston with information about events, services, projects, and research in the community; building connections between community workers and academics to generate and distribute locally useful data; and establishing coop and intern opportunities for students in high school, college and university. As a first step, we will be holding a roundtable meeting to discuss ideas and possibilities early in the conference, and then conducting a follow-up session later in the conference at which break-out groups will work on specific suggestions for follow-up work after the conference.

These two sessions are:

  1. Oct 14th 10:15-12pm. Workshop “Solidarity Building between Community and Academe” by the working group. (John Orr room in the JDUC) 
  2. October 16th 1-2:30pm. Break out group discussion. (Rideau Hieghts Public School 77 MacCauley)

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