Workshops & Registration

Interested in attending a workshop during the conference, or participating in the large roundtable discussions? You have come to the right place. Please email us at to sign up (FREE) for workshops.

Day 1 October 14th:
  1. Destigmatizing Poverty: Transformative Teaching and Learning Workshop 10:15am, (JDUC Polson rm) (Workshop is at capacity)
  2. “Solidarity Building between Community and Academe” Working Group Presentation and Workshop, 10:15am (JDUC John Orr rm)
  3. Roundtable Access to Higher Education at Queen’s in ‘Times of Budget Crisis’, 1:30pm (JDUC John Orr rm)
  4. Recognizing Privilege: Academe, the Community, and Activism, 3:30pm, (JDUC Polson rm)
Day 2: October 15th
  1. What is Participatory Action Research? Research By and For the Community, 9am (Kingston Frontenac Public Library 130 Johnson, Boucher room)
  2. Systemic Barriers to Violence Free Lives: A Participatory Workshop on Economic Advocacy for Women and Children, 1pm, (Artillery Park, rm #1, 76 Ordnance)
  3. Radical Urban Food Tour, 3pm-4:15 (Artillery Park 76 Ordnance)
Day 3: October 16th
  1. Plenary Roundtable (all invited, open to the public), “Respecting Difference, Seeking Solidarity: Towards Sustainable Anti Poverty Actions” by Margaret Little (10am)

If you would like to donate to the conference to offset some of our costs, please consider donating using our PayPal account below.

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