Schedule/Programme & Registration

For a pdf version of the final schedule, click here. Some transcripts or papers from the panelists are available as links on this page.


5:30-7:30pm Meeting and Dinner at KCAP

99 York St.

7:30pm – 10pm “Anti-Poverty Creations: Resistance through Art”

Queen’s Inn (125 Brock St.)

Performances by:

Kim Renders ‘Poverty Walk’

Jillian Burford-Grinnell

Tara Kainer &

Bob MacKenzie with Kasey Ferguson

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14 (Day 1, on campus in JDUC)

Registration 8:30am-all day

Wallace Hall
Four Directions: Welcome to Turtle Island
Introductions & Acknowledgements: Krystle Maki, Cara Fabre & David Thompson

Plenary: Margaret Little, “Poverty: Let’s Face it. Let’s Change it”.

10:00-10:15: Refreshments

10:15am-12:00pm: PANELS & WORKSHOPS

1A Welfare, Activism, & Ontario Works: Historical & Contemporary

McLaughlin Room

Facilitator: Candice Pilgrim

1) Cate Prichard, York, “Funding Social Change?: The United Way Community Fund of Greater Toronto Encounters the Welfare Rights Movement, 1969-1973”

2) Tara Kainer, “Kingston’s Low Income Needs Coalition”

3) Cheryl Athersych, York U, “Ontario Works: Working For Whom?”

1B Environmental Justice and Labour

Robert Sutherland Room

Facilitator: Aric McBay, Special Introduction “Prison Farms in Kingston”

1) Usman Mushtaq, Queen’s, “Site 41 in Simcoe County: A case of anti-poor, anti-indigenous, anti-community engineering monologues”

2) Luisa Lucero, Guelph, “The Hidden Consequences of a Softwood Lumber War”

3) Bridget Doherty, Justice, Peace, & Integrity of Creation Office of the Sisters of Providence; and Ted Hsu of SWITCH: “Green Jobs and Poverty Energy”

1C “Solidarity Building between Community and Academe” Working Group (Presentation & Workshop)

John Orr Room

Facilitators: Annie Chau, Jeff Welsh, and Michelle LaMarche

1D Destigmatizing Poverty: A Transformative Teaching and Learning Workshop

Polson Room

Facilitator: Laura Kinderman

12:00-1:30 Lunch BBQ, City Park by the Peer Support Group

1:30-3:00pm: PANELS & WORKSHOPS

2A Women Leadership in Anti-poverty Struggles

Wallace Hall

Facilitator: Sayyida Jaffer

1) Julie Lalonde, Carleton, “The Road to Grandma’s House: Elderly Womyn as Poverty Resisters”

2) Ryan Higgitt, Queen’s U, “Women’s Leadership Building as a Poverty Reduction Strategy: Lessons from Bangladesh”

3) Pamela Cross, Ontario Women’s Justice Network, “The Movement to End Violence Against Women and Women’s Poverty”

2B Social Determinants of Health, Poverty, & Healthcare

Robert Sutherland Room

Facilitator: Carolyn Prouse

1) Abe Oudshoorn, Western, “Policy as a Barrier to Healthcare for Homeless Persons”

2) Louise Bark, wheelchairdemon.blogspot, “Disability: Trying to Avert a Lifetime Sentence of Poverty”

2C Roundtable: Access to Higher Education at Queen’s in “Times of Budget Crisis”

Polson Room

Chairs: Dana Olwan and Anne-Marie Grondin

2D Cultural Resistance to Economic Violence

John Orr Room

Facilitator: Kristiana Clemens, CFRC

1) Kevin Partridge, SFU, “Cultural Resistance: The Power of Punk”

2) Candace Mooers, (HCAP – Halifax Coalition Against Poverty Radio), “Anti-Poverty Airwaves: Dignity Through (Radio) Resistance in Fredericton and Halifax”

3) Gretchen King, (CKUT/Montreal), “History of the CKUT Homeless Marathon and Archive”

2E Anti-poverty Documentaries: Film Screenings & Discussion

JDUC Rm #351

Facilitator: Matt Salton, ReelOut

1) “The Unity Project” (15min) (Andrea Schofield, York/Ryerson)

2) “Out on the Street” (11min) (Ilona Alex Abramovich, U of Toronto – OISE)

2F Moving from Charity to Solidarity in the Contours of African Struggles in the Global North and South

McLaughlin Hall

1) May Chazan, “Linking Across Distance and Difference: Critical Perspectives on Building Grandmother-to-Grandmother Solidarity”

2) Dr. Eliza Johannes, “Empowering Pastoralist Women: States, Security and Poverty”

3) Dr. Grace-Edward Galabuzi, “The Racialization of Poverty in Canada and Globally”

4) John Pringle, “The Militarization of Humanitarian Aid”

3:00-3:30pm Refreshments

Wallace Hall

3:30-5:15pm: PANELS and WORKSHOPS

3A Gender, Age, and Sexuality: Intersections of Poverty Experiences

McLaughlin Hall

Facilitator: Julie James

1) Stephanie Rattelade, Uof O, “Social Networks, Social Support, and Poverty in Women: A Theory Review”

2) Stacey Bishop, Simon Fraser, “‘The Right to Peace and Quiet’: Anti-poor grassroots activism and the expulsion of sex workers in Vancouver’s West End, 1980-85”

3) Ilona Alex Abramovich, U of Toronto-OISE, “LGBTQ Youth Homelessness: A Growing Epidemic”

3B Methodological Concerns: Challenges of Activist-Oriented Research

Robert Sutherland Room

Facilitator: Jobb Arnold

1) Jason Michael Webb, York U, “One Dollar Down: The Invisible Structures of Classism in Canada and Their Implications for Ethnographic Fieldwork”

2) Jessica Braimoh, McMaster, “At-Risk Youth”: The Situated Complexity of Stigmatized Identities”

3) Anita Jack-Davies, Queen’s U, “I will teach anywhere but there”: Problematizing issue of race and place in ‘inner city’ schooling and implications for teacher education”

3C Health and Wellness: Injustice and Activism

John Orr Room

Facilitator: Andrew Stevens

1) Melanie Bedore, Queens U, “Poor retail food access as social injustice: A study of North Kingston”

2) Andrew D. Pinto (Health Providers Against Poverty), and Lisa Schofield (OCAP)”, Addressing poverty to improve health: the Special Diet Clinics”

3) Dr. Adam Newman, Kingston Street Health

3D Recognizing Privilege: Academe, the Community, and Activism

Polson Room

Facilitator: MaryAnne Laurico & Matt Silburn

Format: Roundtable Discussion

5:15pm -6:30pm: Reception and Dinner

Wallace Hall


Wallace Hall

Introduction: David Thompson

Plenary: Francis Fox Piven: “Fighting Poverty in an Age of Austerity”

8:00pm: Opening “Below the Line” Sound Installation and Reception by Kristina Clemens and Project Participants

The Artel (205 Sydenham)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15 (Day 2, off campus)

8:45am – 9:00am: Refreshments

Foyer of Wilson Room Frontenac Public Library (130 Johnson)

9:00am-10:30am: PANELS and WORKSHOPS

4A Criminalization and Poverty: Know your Rights

Wilson Room, Frontenac Public Library

Facilitator: Krystle Maki

1) Kim Pate, Elizabeth Fry Society

2) Kristy Buccieri, York; & Tara Patton, York, “Policing the Streets: The Criminalization of Youth Homelessness in Toronto”

3) Candace Pilgrim, Queen’s University, “Welfare Legislation: Know Your Rights”

4B Voices From Below the Line

Delahaye Room, Frontenac Public Library

Facilitator: Trina Zeimbekis

1) Jocelyn Plane, Carleton, “Do Neighbourhoods Matter? Exploring Neighbourhood Significance Through the Eyes of Women Who Have Experienced Housing Instability”

2) Patricia Diaz Cummings, Peacock Poverty Organization, “Strength in Numbers, Distinctive in Character: Peacock in the Landscape of Grassroots Movements”

3) Dawn Sadler, Kingston Home-Base Housing, “Home Base Housing and Poverty”

4C What is Participant Action-Based Research? Research By and For the Community

Boucher room, Frontenac Public Library

A workshop by Scott Uzelman

10:30am – 10:45am: Refreshments

Foyer of Wilson Room, Frontenac Public Library

10:45am – 11:45am
Wilson Room, Frontenac Public Library

Introduction: David Thompson

Plenary: John Clarke, “Austerity and Resistance: Lessons from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty”

11:45-1:00pm: LUNCH

Foyer of Wilson Room

12:15pm – 12:45pm: Sisters of Providence Silent Vigil outside City Hall to mark social assistance rate cuts by Harris in 1995

1:00-2:45pm: PANELS and WORKSHOPS

5A Food Security in Insecure Times

Wilson Room, Frontenac Public Library

Facilitator: Craig Simpson

1) Jillian Burford-Grinnell, Queen’s U, “School Meal Programs: Are Canadian Children Entitled to Eat?”

2) Pat Dawson, Desert Lake Gardens, “Perspectives from the Small Family Farm”

3) Debbie Field, Food Share

4) Susan Belyea, Loving Spoonful

5B Poverty Reduction through Community Initiatives

Delahaye Room, Frontenac Public Library

Facilitator: Elamin S. Abdelmahmoud

1) Richard Priestman and Keith Wilde, Committee on Monetary & Economic Reform, Kingston Chapter, “Financing Poverty Solutions”

2) Jamie Swift & Mira Dineen (Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition), “History of ISARC and the 2010 Social Audit”

3) Marijana Matovic (SING), “Municipal Poverty Challenge”

5C Systemic Barriers to Violence Free Lives: A Participatory Workshop on Economic Advocacy for Women and Children

Artillery Park Meeting Room #1

Facilitators: Annie Chau (Sexual Assault Centre Kingston) and Michelle LaMarche (Kingston Interval House)

5D Local, Regional, and National Anti-Poverty/Labour Initiatives

Artillery Park Meeting Room #2

Facilitator: Christopher Wilson (PSAC)

1) Debi Wells, Kingston District Labour Council

2) Louise Casselman, PSAC Social Justice Fund

3) John Stapleton, Open Policy Ontario


Artillery Park Meeting Room #3

3:00pm-4:15pm: Radical Urban Food Tour with Leda

4:30pm – 6:00pm

Katarokwi Native Friendship Center (50 Hickson Ave)

Welcome and Introductions by Katarokwi Native Friendship Centre

Panel Discussion: Indigenous Land Rights and Poverty

Facilitator: Janice Hill, Four Directions

1) Rodney Lee Nelson, Carleton, “Issues in Ownership and Control of Research Conducted with Aboriginal Communities”

2) Deborah Naybor, University of Buffalo, “Women of the Land: Poverty Reduction and Women’s Protection of Indigenous Land Rights”

6:00pm – 7:00pm: FEAST

7:00pm – 8:00pm

Plenary: Dr. Peter Kulchyski, “The racial redistribution of wealth: affluence, poverty and resistance in northern indigenous communities”

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16: Reflection and Action (Day 3 Off Campus)

Rideau Heights Public School (77 MacCauley st)

Social Justice Info Fair (set up at 9:30am-4pm)

10:00am – 12:00pm

Plenary Roundtable, Margaret Little “Respecting Difference, Seeking Solidarity:Towards Sustainable Anti-Poverty Actions”. Brief Presenations by various conference participants.

***All scholars, activists and community members are encouraged to attend and participate***

12:00 – 1:30pm: Working LUNCH with Break out groups

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Presentations by Break out Groups:

  1. Town/Gown Relations in Kingston
  2. Elections and Voting in Kingston
  3. Activists and Front line workers in Kingston
  4. Food Security and Justice in Kingston
  5. Criminalization of Poverty in Kingston

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Intro and closing comments: Cara Fabre, Krystle Maki and David Thompson

Closing Plenary and Discussion, Pat Capponi “Redefining Ourselves for Ourselves”

Rant-In Locations

Day 1 = blue placemarks
Day 2 = red placemarks
Day 3 = green placemarks


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