Mobilizing Instigators!

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi folks, Day 3 of the conference dealt with specific issues regarding the Kingston community. From criminalization of poverty to housing and food security over 70 people came out to discuss how to move forward on these issues affecting our community.

Conference Organizers are currently compiling notes from the break out groups and larger group discussions and we will be posting some of the key themes, actions and issues that the group brought up on the website (work in progress). Participants were clear – we need to have more actions in Kingston to challenge the lack of affordable housing, the criminalization of poverty, inadequate welfare rates, holding city council accountable, food security, destigmatizing poverty and addressing the disconnects between academics, service providers, marginalized groups and activists. The discussions also clearly pointed out that we all go about our ‘activism’ or ‘politics’ in different ways and that it is important to support and respect a diversity of tactics and approaches.

We will be making efforts to connect the various groups and individuals interested in social justice and anti poverty mobilizing in Kingston. Starting with this website we hope to capture the energy and enthusiasm for change that we saw and felt at the conference. If you have any suggestions and/or actions you would like us to post please get in touch with us

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